Dollardstown House

Address : Dollardstown House, Athy, County Kildare

Our RatesFrom €40.00 to €45.00 pps
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Early 18th Century classic Georgian house.

Many original features have been preserved and guests are welcome to relax by a large open fire in our dining / breakfast room. Dollardstown House is set in mature parkland.

Enjoy a stroll around the gardens with rare and every day plants and scrubs. Our rooms are bright and full of character.


The following is a brief history of this unique house -
"Dollardstown Castle was built by the D'Ullard brothers shortly after the Norman conquest of Ireland in the late 12th century. They received permission to erect the castle and fortifications from Hugh DeLacy, the lord of Kilkea Castle. The castle was essentially a quadrangle with an inner courtyard and a surrounding motte. One of the earliest references to Dollardstown is in the Aphorismical Discovery of Treasonable Faction, an account of the Cromwellian reconquest of Ireland after the English Civil War. In the 1640's, the then occupant, Sir Hugh Hunt mortgaged the property to finance a troop of horses to fight for Charles I. The castle was later captured by Captain Fitzgerald operating under the command of Lord Castlehaven. Although the castle was razed, the townland's name lived on with Dollardstown House, at the time a late Elizabethan dwelling, which is now the back half of the present house. The property was sold in the 1690's to General Sir Richard Neville who, after campaigning successfully with the Duke of Marlborough, retired here as GOC for Ireland under Queen Anne. It is believed that he built the present front half of the house shortly thereafter and planted a great number of trees, many of which still survive around the house. During the 1798 Rebellion the house was ransacked by the outraged Loyalist locals because the mistress of the house was a cousin of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the leader of the rebellion. Despite being heavily pregnant at the time, she escaped through the back of the house and attempted to make her way across the fields to Kilkea Castle. Before she could reach safety, she gave birth to a son who later during his clerical career served a papal secretary to Pope Pius X." 
Dutch, German and French spoken. Please enquire should you want to bring a pet. 

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